Tim Shiel

Tim Shiel
NationalityAustralia Australian
OccupationRadio announcer and electronic musician
Notable work
Radio show "Something More"

Tim Shiel is an Australian radio announcer and electronic musician, best known for hosting the radio shows "Something More", which is broadcast on Triple J [1] and "Arvos" on Double J.[2] In 2012, he performed internationally as a multi-instrumentalist in the touring band for Gotye.[3]


Shiel's radio career started on 3RRR in 2008.

In 2014, Shiel established the record label Spirit Level in partnership with Gotye (Wally De Backer) to support the Australian release of Zammuto's album, Anchor.[4]

Shiel is also known for his work as a composer of music for video games, including the soundtracks for iOS/Android game Duet and Steam game Induction.[5][6] In 2015, he performed the Duet soundtrack live accompanied by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.[7]


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