Lists of rural localities in Russia

Federal subjects of Russia

This article contains lists of rural localities in Russia, organized by federal subject. The federal subjects of Russia are the constituent entities of Russia, its top-level political divisions according to the Constitution of Russia.[1] Under the classification system for inhabited locations in Russia, a rural locality is one of a number of types of rural settlements, including villages, selos, stanitsas, slobodas, khutors, pochinoks, and other local variations.

List of localities

Code Name Federal district Economic region
01 Adygea Southern North Caucasus
02 Bashkortostan Volga Ural
03 Buryatia Far Eastern East Siberian
04 Altai Republic Siberian West Siberian
05 Dagestan North Caucasian North Caucasus
06 Ingushetia North Caucasian North Caucasus
07 Kabardino-Balkaria North Caucasian North Caucasus
08 Kalmykia Southern Volga
09 Karachay-Cherkessia North Caucasian North Caucasus
10 Karelia Northwestern Northern
11 Komi Republic Northwestern Northern
12 Mari El Volga Volga-Vyatka
13 Mordovia Volga Volga-Vyatka
14 Sakha Republic Far Eastern Far Eastern
15 North Ossetia-Alania North Caucasian North Caucasus
16 Tatarstan Volga Volga
17 Tuva Siberian East Siberian
18 Udmurtia Volga Ural
19 Khakassia Siberian East Siberian
20 Chechnya North Caucasian North Caucasus
21 Chuvashia Volga Volga-Vyatka
22 Altai Krai Siberian West Siberian
23 Krasnodar Krai Southern North Caucasus
24 Krasnoyarsk Krai Siberian East Siberian
25 Primorsky Krai Far Eastern Far Eastern
26 Stavropol Krai North Caucasian North Caucasus
27 Khabarovsk Krai Far Eastern Far Eastern
28 Amur Oblast Far Eastern Far Eastern
29 Arkhangelsk Oblast Northwestern Northern
30 Astrakhan Oblast Southern Volga
31 Belgorod Oblast Central Central Black Earth
32 Bryansk Oblast Central Central
33 Vladimir Oblast Central Central
34 Volgograd Oblast Southern Volga
35 Vologda Oblast Northwestern Northern
36 Voronezh Oblast Central Central Black Earth
37 Ivanovo Oblast Central Central
38 Irkutsk Oblast Siberian East Siberian
39 Kaliningrad Oblast Northwestern Kaliningrad
40 Kaluga Oblast Central Central
41 Kamchatka Krai Far Eastern Far Eastern
42 Kemerovo Oblast Siberian West Siberian
43 Kirov Oblast Volga Volga-Vyatka
44 Kostroma Oblast Central Central
45 Kurgan Oblast Ural Ural
46 Kursk Oblast Central Central Black Earth
47 Leningrad Oblast Northwestern Northwestern
48 Lipetsk Oblast Central Central Black Earth
49 Magadan Oblast Far Eastern Far Eastern
50 Moscow Oblast Central Central
51 Murmansk Oblast Northwestern Northern
52 Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Volga Volga-Vyatka
53 Novgorod Oblast Northwestern Northwestern
54 Novosibirsk Oblast Siberian West Siberian
55 Omsk Oblast Siberian West Siberian
56 Orenburg Oblast Volga Ural
57 Oryol Oblast Central Central
58 Penza Oblast Volga Volga
59 Perm Krai Volga Ural
60 Pskov Oblast Northwestern Northwestern
61 Rostov Oblast Southern North Caucasus
62 Ryazan Oblast Central Central
63 Samara Oblast Volga Volga
64 Saratov Oblast Volga Volga
65 Sakhalin Oblast Far Eastern Far Eastern
66 Sverdlovsk Oblast Ural Ural
67 Smolensk Oblast Central Central
68 Tambov Oblast Central Central Black Earth
69 Tver Oblast Central Central
70 Tomsk Oblast Siberian West Siberian
71 Tula Oblast Central Central
72 Tyumen Oblast Ural West Siberian
73 Ulyanovsk Oblast Volga Volga
74 Chelyabinsk Oblast Ural Ural
76 Yaroslavl Oblast Central Central
77 Moscow Central Central
79 Jewish Autonomous Oblast Far Eastern Far Eastern
83 Nenets Autonomous Okrug Northwestern Northern
86 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Ural West Siberian
87 Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Far Eastern Far Eastern
89 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Ural West Siberian
92 Zabaykalsky Krai Far Eastern East Siberian


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