Lists of breeds

The Lists of breeds refer to listed breeds of domesticated animals.

Lists of breeds

Species Lists Picture
Cat List of cat breeds

Hobie the cat (rear view).jpg
Taurine cattle
List of cattle breeds
List of dairy cattle breeds
List of beef cattle breeds
List of French cattle breeds
List of Indian cattle breeds
List of Italian cattle breeds
List of Spanish cattle breeds
Cow female black white.jpg

Touro Nelore REFON.jpg
Chicken List of chicken breeds
List of German chicken breeds
List of French chicken breeds
List of Italian chicken breeds
List of Spanish chicken breeds
Coq orpington fauve.JPG

Cockerel (5606894854).jpg
Service dog
Police dog
List of dog breeds
List of police dog breeds

02.Owczarek niemiecki użytkowy krótkowłosy suka.jpg
Donkey List of donkey breeds
List of French donkey breeds
List of Italian donkey breeds
List of Iberian donkey breeds
Donkey in Clovelly, North Devon, England.jpg

Baudet du Poitou 1.JPG
Domestic duck List of duck breeds
PEO100 1732 0,1 Deutsche Pekingenten.jpg

Domestic pig List of pig breeds
List of Italian pig breeds
Truie Landrace.jpg

Adelaide champion Berkshire boar 2005.jpg
Domestic rabbit List of rabbit breeds
Random 006.jpg

Domestic turkey List of turkey breeds
Bourbob red turkey Tom-r2.jpg

Male north american turkey supersaturated.jpg
Fancy pigeon List of pigeon breeds

Gimpel (Archangel).jpg
Fancy rat
Laboratory rat
List of fancy rat varieties
List of laboratory rat strains

Goat List of goat breeds
List of Chinese goat breeds
List of Italian goat breeds
List of Swiss goat breeds

Australian cashmere goat.png
Goose List of goose breeds
Embden goose at zoo.jpg

Pommerngans & Gössel.jpg
Guinea pig
List of guinea pig breeds

Honey bee
Mexican honey wasp
List of Apis mellifera subspecies
Apis mellifera Western honey bee.jpg

Mexican Honey Wasp.jpg
List of horse breeds
List of horse breeds in DAD-IS
List of African horse breeds
List of Brazilian horse breeds
List of French horse breeds
List of German horse breeds
List of Indian horse breeds
List of Iberian horse breeds
List of Indonesian horse breeds
List of Italian horse breeds
List of Japanese horse breeds
Quarter Horse(REFON)-cleaned.jpg

Highland Pony.jpg
Sheep List of sheep breeds
List of Italian sheep breeds
Ostfriesische milchschafe.jpg

Barbados blackbelly 2 Elkins.jpg
Water buffalo List of water buffalo breeds
Murrah buffalo.JPG


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